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Ukrainian military personnel are serving in an extremely stressful environment in the Donbas combat zone. Psychological conditions in some of the servicemen and women range from mild depression to instances of severe depression and even psychosis. These soldiers need attention and treatment. Those deployed for longer periods of time are also at high risk of suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Chaban not only provides front-line treatment, he is leading a first-of-its-kind research study on the gender-specific mental and physical health responses of combat stress in eastern Ukraine.

The initial findings of Dr. Chaban's study, carried out in cooperation with Dr. Olena Burlaka (National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine), were presented at this year's Forum 2017 in Toronto, organized by the Canadian Institute of Military Veteran Health Research, which welcomed close to 700 researchers, medical experts, and military personnel from around the world.

Ongoing 2017

The Ukraine Support Fund is honoured that Dr. Oleh Chaban, Chair of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy at the Bohomolets National Medical University in Kyiv, has volunteered to collaborate with us. 

As part of our Memorandum of Cooperation with the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, Chief of the General Staff and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Dr. Chaban has travelled to the most dangereous regions of the conflict in eastern Ukraine (with the 81 Airborne Infantry Brigade in Severodonetsk, the 65th mobile military hospital in Chasiv Yar, and the 66th mobile military hospital near Avdiyivka, which treats soldiers from the hot-zones of Debaltsevo, Pisky, and others.)

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