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Our priorities

  • supporting the introduction of NATO standards in Ukraine's armed forces
  • improving health-care services for Ukrainian servicewomen and female veterans
  • supporting world-class research and education to improve Ukraine's military and veterans' health​​ ​​
  • psychological treatment for military service personnel deployed in eastern Ukraine and veterans returning to civilian life
  • expert training of field hospital doctors and medical staff


Since Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea, Moscow has conducted a campaign of repression, including political arrests, trials and kidnappings aimed at Crimean Tatars and Ukrainians who opposed the Kremlin's invasion of Ukraine, seizure of territory, and militarization of the Crimean peninsula.

Supporting Ukraine: 


We support a Ukraine that​​

  • has a democratic civil society
  • is able to secure its borders and defend its territorial integrity
  • protects its unitary political system
  • is part of NATO and the EU

​On Russia: 

We advocate policies that will hold Russia and its proxies accountable for 

  • illegally annexing Crimea & persecuting the Crimean Tatar people
  • engaging in military aggression against Ukraine
  • shooting down Flight MH17
  • the murder of journalists, pro-democracy opposition leaders, and anti-corruption activists in Russia and abroad
  • the state-sponsored drug use by Russian athletes in international competitions
  • employing cyber attacks against  governments, civic institutions, corporations, and private citizens
  • engaging in activities aimed at undermining the Euro-Atlantic alliance and the integrity of democratic elections in other countries



The Ukraine Support Fund is a federally registered Canadian humanitarian, educational and public advocacy not-for-profit organization. We were established for the purpose of

  • Promoting Canadian values and principles, including democracy, good government and civil society
    in Ukraine;

  • Encouraging and carrying on humanitarian and educational activities focusing on public health, social welfare, human rights, and the international rule of law relating to Ukraine;

​​​We support

  • the passage of legislation applying economic sanctions and other punitive measures targeting Russian state players and their proxies
  • international conferences and other public forums​
  • citizen activism in defense of democratic principles and the rule of law, such as public rallies and demonstrations
  • information campaigns using print & online editorials as well as social media
  • online petitions​​

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Aid & Education 

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We support

  • the procurement and delivery of medicines and medical supplies to hospitals, particularly mobile field hospitals
  • logistical support for medical professionals, psychiatrists, technical personnel, military servicemen and women
  • medical and scientific conferences
  • research and publications related to the medical issues affecting Ukrainian society, particularly as it relates to veterans and serving military
  • Supporting research and knowledge-exchange between Canada and Ukraine;
  • Promoting peace, security, and stability in Ukraine by encouraging co-operation with and integration into international institutions such as the United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union;
  • Making representations to Canadian and other governments for the implementation of laws and policies that advance the above-named principles relating to Ukraine;
  • Providing a forum for discussion and analysis of all matters of public interest related to Ukraine, through participation in or support for conferences, publications and all other related platforms for public discussion;
  • Co-operating and coordinating the activities of the Corporation with those of like-minded​ organizations and institutions in Canada and internationally.

​​​The reality:

  • Conventional warfare has been replaced by cyber arsenals that threaten our economic and financial infrastructure. Together with the weaponization of information, this hybrid-war threat now poses an existential challenge to democratic states and international stability

The threat:

  • Russia and its proxies have intensified their use of cyber attacks and have built new platforms of disinformation to sow discord within liberal societies. Putin's goal is to weaken NATO, the EU and ultimately, the very foundations of the Transatlantic partnership.

The response:

  • We strive to provide a voice for experts who track, forecast, and offer solutions for combating state-sponsored info wars which displace traditional media and ultimately impact journalists, voters, elected officials, and policy makers around  the world.
  • We encourage responsible media outlets, government officials, and non-governmental organizations to raise public awareness of these threats and to develop innovative solutions to combat them and safeguard democracy and international stability.


About us and our Mission

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